Rock star super diva

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HI EVERYBODY! God news and bad news… the bads, I still hyperbusy… the goods? Johnny test is on prints right now and I’m working in Rock Star Super Diva’s comic book.
Here’s the pilot comic: the art in this pilot is not mine, in fact I can’t show anything more because is confidential and I could lose my job if I show it. I hope to have it finished in les than 40 days… I hope… -________-


Where I’m

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Well, that’s a good question. I’m not allowed to show toomuch from Johnny Test but here’s a small preview of one of the covers.
I need to send all finished pages before march ends, so I’ll be back with bloodface soon. I hope.

Temporaly Closed

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Hi folks! I’m sorry for being absent all this weeks, but really I been really flooded in job. Those are good news and also bad news. Good news for me, more job more money. Bad news because you won’t get your free weekly comic as always. In witch projects I’m working on? Well, take a look!! HERE and also a new one called “Rock Star Super Diva” (no images available for now). BUT! I’m starting to see how to publish with kindle. And that means you will be available to see never published stories of your favorite characters of my creation.
Well, wish me good luck; I’ll try to be beck as soon as I can! I promise. Meanwhile I’ll be showing you some material I’m doing just to keep active.

Strip #33

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Delayed again… This is turning harder.

Strip #32 Very delayed

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Have a happy new year everybody!

Strip #31

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I tried, I swear I tried to do more than one strip for this week but is hard to do a “good graphic quality” strip in color each week when is not giving you money. The job is hard in the other side of the screen. But I hope you like this.

Strip #30

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I have a big problem, december is now and I wanted to do some strips with Mr. Pefito. So I’ll try to end this story of Captain Ultra Bacalao the faster I can.